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Bankers Care Initiative Principles

A financial institution participating in the Bankers Care Initiative is dedicated to engaging in activities that reflect a commitment to the community and social responsibility. By participating, a bank demonstrates its commitment to more than just financial transactions — it shows an investment in the welfare of the communities it serves and a dedication to the principles of corporate social responsibility.

Charitable Giving

The bank donates to local charities, non-profit organizations, or other causes that benefit the community and those in need.

Community Programs

Participation in or sponsorship of local events, financial literacy programs, or initiatives that support community development could be a part of the bank's agenda.


Encouraging employees to volunteer their time to support local initiatives and community projects through bank-organized events or partnerships with local organizations.

Financial Education

Offering free or low-cost financial education workshops or materials to individuals and small businesses to help them make better financial decisions.

Loan Programs

Offering special loan programs or services aimed at helping underserved parts of the community, such as small business loans for minority-owned businesses or affordable housing programs.

Crisis Response

Providing support in times of local or national crisis, such as natural disasters, by offering financial relief programs or additional support to affected customers and businesses.

Environmental Sustainability

Implementing and promoting environmentally sustainable practices within the bank's operations and through its lending policies.

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Learn more about the principles of a Bankers Care member bank here.

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